Sunday, December 11, 2011


Release : 2008
Genre: Funk, Soul, Dance
These are the roots of my career in music. These tracks have determined the path to follow and many of them where revolutionary and truly progressive at the time they where originally released. I have taken the greatest care to come up with the best possible masters, sometimes comparing up to 5 different versions to find out which one sounded the best and most pure. And sometimes even baking the analog master tapes to make them playable again. The heat evaporates the moisture in the coating of the tape. The otherwise moist backing will clog up all parts of the tape recorder the tape touches, leaving a dark glue like substance grinding everything to a halt. After the backing process, the tape becomes playable again and the transfer to digital is performed. Some tracks feature a combination of vocal and dub version just as I used to perform that combination in a live DJ-set. Such a combination features the best parts from the vocal and dub version, capturing the complete feel of what that track meant to me.
Liebrand just keeps his series growing stronger. This man is so passionate about his music that he does everything he can to get these classics on CD at last, and willingly admits in his liner notes where each source came from, whether it's the original master or vinyl, and the work he did to clean up any sound issues with such sources in order to preserve these hard-to-find versions digitally. The fantastic thing about this volume is that in several cases, when, for example, a `long' album version and a 12" mix are very different and each has something unique to offer a song, liebrand himself masters a version that takes the best of both mixes and creates an all-NEW, basically definitive version many of us dance collectors have always wished for in the first place. When you read his liner notes, you will be amazed at the lengths he goes to in the studio to bring all of these songs to you in the best sounding quality possible.
01. Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough (12Inch Version) - Michael Jackson 6:06
02. Stomp! (12Inch Version) - Brothers Johnson 5:57
03. Word Up! (Extended Version) - Cameo 5:56
04. Glow - Glow Reprise (Album Mix) - Rick James 5:42
05. In My House (12Inch Version) - Mary Jane Girls 5:03
06. Sun Is Here (12Inch Version) - Sun 5:03
07. Solid (Special Club Mix) - Ashford & Simpson 6:17
08. Float On (Album Version) - The Floaters 11:47
09. Il Veliero (12Inch Version) - The Chaplin Band 11:59
10. Knock On Wood (12Inch Version) - Amii Stewart 6:52
01. All Night Long (All Night) (12Inch Version) - Lionel Richie 6:20
02. I'm Coming Out (Original Chic Mix) - Diana Ross 6:00
03. Clouds Across The Moon (12Inch Version) - Rah Band 6:49
04. Theme From 'Which Way Is Up' (12Inch Version) - Stargard 6:45
05. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (Album Version) - McFadden & Whitehead 7:02
06. Sexual Healing (Ben Liebrand Edit) - Marvin Gaye 9:24
07. Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) (12Inch Version) - Soul II Soul 7:39
08. Take Me To The Top (12Inch Version) - Advance 6:17
09. I Love America (12Inch Version) - Patrick Juvet 13:58
10. Shake Your Groove Thing (Album Version) - Peaches & Herb 5:35
01. Love In C Minor (Album Mix) - Cerrone 16:20
02. Strut Your Funky Stuff (Ben Liebrand Edit) - Frantique 6:15
03. Love Story (12Inch Version) - Andy Williams 9:44
04. Teardrops (Extended Remix) - Womack & Womack 7:41
05. War Of The Worlds (Long Version) - Jeff Wayne 7:00
06. Thinking Of You (12Inch Version) - Earth, Wind & Fire 7:56
07. Keep On Dancin' (12Inch Version) - Gary's Gang 7:09
08. The Runner (Long Version) - The Three Degrees 8:11
09. Rhythm Talk (12Inch Version) - Jocko 7:14
01. The Promise You Made (Special Dance Mix) - Cock Robin 6:33
02. Live It Up (12Inch Version) - Time Bandits 7:25
03. Right On Track (12Inch Version) - Breakfast Club 7:13
04. Rhythm Of The Jungle (12Inch Version) - The Quick 7:18
05. Rasputin (Extended Version) - Boney M. 7:32
06. What, Where, When, Who (12Inch Version) - Mai Tai 7:56
07. Slow Down (12Inch Version) - John Miles 4:18
08. Don't You Want Me (12Inch Version) - The Human League 3:57
09. Don't You Want Me (Extended Dance Mix) - The Human League 7:29
10. Automat (a. The Rise, b. Advance, c. Genus) - Automat 16:53
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