Sunday, December 11, 2011


Release : 2008
Genre: Funk, Soul, Dance
These are the roots of my career in music. These tracks have determined the path to follow and many of them where revolutionary and truly progressive at the time they where originally released. I have taken the greatest care to come up with the best possible masters, sometimes comparing up to 5 different versions to find out which one sounded the best and most pure. And sometimes even baking the analog master tapes to make them playable again. The heat evaporates the moisture in the coating of the tape. The otherwise moist backing will clog up all parts of the tape recorder the tape touches, leaving a dark glue like substance grinding everything to a halt. After the backing process, the tape becomes playable again and the transfer to digital is performed. Some tracks feature a combination of vocal and dub version just as I used to perform that combination in a live DJ-set. Such a combination features the best parts from the vocal and dub version, capturing the complete feel of what that track meant to me.
2007 Brings the Fourth Volume in the Series of 4CD'S Sets Packed with Dance Music Classic 12" Versions for the Aficionado, Presented and Assembled by Dutch DJ Emeritus Ben Liebrand. An Audiophile as Well as a Conoisseur, Liebrand Goes to Great Lengths (In Spite of Numerous Obstacles) to Obtain and Use the Absolute Best Possible Masters for this Series! Among the Chestnuts on this Set Are a Taste of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie, Deodato - Sos Fire in the Sky, Bb&q Band - Genie, Earth Wind and Fire - System of Survival, Pointer Sisters - Automatic, the Jacksons - Walk Right Now, Jam and Spoon - Follow Me, War - Galaxy and Many More.
01. Billie Jean (Original 12Inch Version) - Michael Jackson 6:25
02. Galaxy (Full Length Version) - War 8:12
03. Boogie Oogie Oogie (12Inch Version) - A Taste Of Honey 5:31
04. The Groove Line (12Inch Version) - Heatwave 7:29
05. Le Freak (Album Version) - Chic 5:35
06. Spank (12Inch Version) - Jimmy Bo Horne 7:00
07. They Only Came Out At Night (12Inch Version) - Peter Brown 6:25
08. He's The Greatest Dancer (Album Version) - Sister Sledge 6:06
09. Stay The Night (12Inch Version) - Billy Ocean 6:18
10. Love Can't Turn Around (Ben Liebrand Edit) - Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk 17:15
01. La Vie En Rose (12Inch Version) - Grace Jones 7:28
02. You Are My Melody (12Inch Version) - Change 6:23
03. Share The Night (12Inch Version) - World Premiere 7:26
04. Genie (Album Version) - The B.B. & Q. Band 6:01
05. Who's Zoomin' Who (12Inch Version) - Aretha Franklin 8:37
06. S.O.S. Fire In The Sky (12Inch Version) - Deodato 6:49
07. Going Dancing Down The Street (12Inch Version) - Peter Jacques Band 5:52
08. System Of Survival (12Inch Version) - Earth, Wind & Fire 7:41
09. Walk Right Now (12Inch Version) - The Jackson 5 7:41
10. The Runner (12Inch Version) - The Three Degrees 7:46
01. West End Girls (Bobby Orlando 12Inch Version) - Pet Shop Boys 7:51
02. She Has A Way (12Inch Version) - Bobby O 5:52
03. High On Mad Mountain (12Inch Version) - The Mike Theodore Orchestra 8:15
04. Native Love (12Inch Version) - Divine 5:07
05. I'm So Hot For You (12Inch Version) - Bobby O 5:10
06. San Salvador (12Inch Version) - Azoto 6:56
07. Fear (Original 12Inch Version) - Easy Going 7:53
08. Set It Out (12Inch Version) - Midway 6:36
09. Passion (12Inch Version) - The Flirts 9:04
10. House Of The Rising Sun (Full Length Version) - Hot R.S. 14:39
01. Trommeltanz (Din Da Da) (12Inch Master Version) - George Kranz 6:19
02. Running Away (Long Version) - Roy Ayers Ubiquity 6:56
03. History (Rutger Kroese 12Inch Version) - Mai Tai 7:20
04. Love Games (Album Version) - Level 42 7:24
05. Got To Have Your Love (Club Mix With Bonus Beats) - Mantronix Feat. Wondress 8:25
06. Automatic (12Inch Version) - The Pointer Sisters 6:08
07. Ai No Corrida (12Inch Version) - Quincy Jones 6:17
08. Disco Nights (Rock Freak) (12Inch Version) - G.Q. 5:16
09. White Horse (12Inch Version) - Laid Back 5:46
10. Follow Me (12Inch Version) - Jam & Spoon 12:29
11. Trommeltanz (Din Da Da) (Dub Version) - George Kranz 3:07
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