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Release : 2009
Genre: Funk, Soul, Dance
Theseare the roots of my career in music. These tracks have determined thepath to follow and many of
them where revolutionary and trulyprogressive at the time they where originally released. I have taken
thegreatest care to come up with the best possible masters, sometimescomparing up to 5 different
versions to find out which one sounded thebest and most pure. And sometimes even baking the analog
master tapes tomake them playable again. The heat evaporates the moisture in thecoating of the tape.
The otherwise moist backing will clog up all partsof the tape recorder the tape touches, leaving a dark
glue likesubstance grinding everything to a halt. After the backing process, thetape becomes playable
again and the transfer to digital is performed.Some tracks feature a combination of vocal and dub
version just as Iused to perform that combination in a live DJ-set. Such a combinationfeatures the best
parts from the vocal and dub version, capturing thecomplete feel of what that track meant to me.
If you write acomment simply based on comparing tracklists, you are clearly missingthe point. Yes,
many tracks where on other CDs previously, but on theseother CDs they were often taken from vinyl or worse.
Example:Poussez was released just over 2 years ago. That CD featured utterlydestroyed
over-processed over-leveled versions which simply hurt my earsand heart. So the fact that someone else
botched that CD releaseactually urged me to include them in proper quality on this release. Thesource I
took them from was a first generation digital copy made mid80s from an original production master.
The result is mint quality asexpected. Same goes for ZTT masters, taken form the original versionsfrom the vaults of ZTT.
This is not just a compilation, these arethe high quality masters surpassing many many many other
versions foundon other compilations. Do not judge as an accountant, by comparingexcel database sheets,
or website entries, but by judging with yourears.
01. Two Tribes (Annihilation) – Frankie Goes To Hollywood 9:10
02. Im Not Perfect (But Im Perfect For You) (Ben Liebrand Remix) – Grace Jones 6:53
03. I Cant Go For That (No Can Do) (Extended Version) – Hall & Oates 6:13
04. Goodnight Tonight (12Inch Version) – Wings 7:18
05. P Machinery (Polish) – Propaganda 9:22
06. Beat The Clock (Extended Version) – Sparks 6:56
07. Genius Of Love (Long Version) – Tom Tom Club 7:28
08. Midnight Man (Extended Version) – Flash & The Pan 6:59
09. Just Cant Get Enough (Live Version) – Depeche Mode 5:42
10. Beat Box (Diversion One) (Extended Version) – The Art Of Noise 8:33
01. Serpentine Fire (12Inch Promo Version) – Earth, Wind & Fire 5:01
02. Blame It On The Boogie (12Inch Version) – The Jacksons 6:57
03. Dirty Ol Man (12Inch Version) – Three Degrees 8:19
04. Turn The Music Up (12Inch Version) – The Players Association 6:52
05. Ive Got The Next Dance (Special Disco Version) – Deniece Williams 6:23
06. Its A Love Thing (12Inch Version) – The Whispers 5:10
07. Come On And Do It (Original 12Inch Version] – Poussez! 9:53
08. Im Ready (12Inch Version) – Kano 7:16
09. Lets Clean Up The Ghetto (12Inch Version) – Philadelphia International Allstars 8:40
10. Take Off (12Inch Version) – Harlow 10:17
01. My Girl Loves Me (Original 12Inch Remix) – Shalamar 6:52
02. Do Ya Wanna Get Funcky With Me (Full Length Version) – Peter Brown 8:46
03. Baby Talk (Special Remix By Shep Pettibone) – Alisha 6:46
04. Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll (Part 1) – Vaughan Mason & Crew 7:33
05. Crash Goes Love (12Inch Blaster Mix) – Loleatta Holloway 7:26
06. Promised Land (Club Mix) – Joe Smooth 5:12
07. Happiness Is Just Around The Bend (12Inch Version) – Cuba Gooding 7:02
08. Funky Soul Makossa (Rap Version) – Nairobi Feat. The Awesome Foursome 7:31
09. Never Gonna Say Goodbye (Original 12Inch Version) – Poussez! 7:53
10. Sucker DJs (I Will Survive) (Original 1983 12Inch Version) – Dimples D 5:02
11. Sucker DJs (Suckapella) (Original 1983 Acappella) – Dimples D 3:44
01. We Are The Young (Club Version) – Dan Hartman 6:54
02. Come Into My Life (Club Version) – Joyce Sims 8:22
03. Waiting For A Train (Extended Version) – Flash & The Pan 7:18
04. Close To Perfection (12Inch Version) – Miquel Brown 8:18
05. Bed Rock (Club Mix) – Georgio 6:11
06. PS (12Inch Version) – Dolly Dots 6:53
07. Funky Be Bop (12Inch Version) – Vin Zee 6:52
08. Centipede (Extended Version) – Rebbie Jackson 5:55
09. Close To The Edit (12Inch Edited Mix) – Art Of Noise 5:42
10. Rage Hard (Young Persons Guide To The 12Inch Mix) – Frankie Goes To Hollywood 10:05
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