Tuesday, April 1, 2014


01–Vitamin Z- Burning Flame (2:53)
02–Thompson Twins- Hold Me Now (2:08)
03–Two Minds Crack- Hunger And The Greed (2:58)
04–The Alarm- Rain In The Summertime (2:23)
05–The Sundays- Here's Where The Story Ends (2:37)
06–R.E.M.- Stand (2:07)
07–the Cure- Hot Hot Hot (2:17)
08–Belouis Some- Animal Magic (1:31)
09–Big Audio Dynamite- The Bottom Line (2:01)
10–Mighty Lemon Drops- Out Of Hand (2:19)
11–Colourfield- Confession (2:48)
12–Book Of Love- Boy (1:51)
13–Care, The- My Boyish Days (2:10)
14–Tears For Fears- Change (2:41)
15–Cetu Javu- Have In Mind (3:10)
16–Anything Box- Living In Oblivion (1:25)
17–Red Flag- Broken Heart (2:43)
18–Psychedelic Furs- Love My Way (4:11)
19–Gene Loves Jezebel- Heartache (2:12)
20–Big Country- In A Big Country (2:17)
21–Flesh For Lulu- Idol (3:07)
22–New Order- Best And Marsh (1:52)
23–Big Audio Dynamite- Bad Rock City (3:08)
24–Sisters Of Mercy- Lucretia My Reflection (3:54)
25–Depeche Mode- But Not Tonight (3:57)
26–Real Life- Send Me An Angel (2:54)
27–Pale Fountains- From Across The Kitchen Table (1:56)
28–The Go-Betweens- Right Here (2:13)
29–Industry- Romantic Dreams (3:14)
30–Bolshoi- Please (2:33)
31–Flesh For Lulu- Postcards From Paradise (1:12)
32–Lords Of The New Church- Dance With Me (2:29)
33–Midnight Oil- Dead Heart (3:25)
34–Mighty Lemon Drops- Inside Out (2:45)
35–Replacements- I'll Be You (2:14)
01–DJ Intro (1:06)
02–Industry- State Of The Nation (2:33)
03–Kraftwerk- Telephone Call (1:36)
04–Talk Talk- It's My Life (2:06)
05–Modern English- Hands Across The Sea (1:54)
06–Fra Lippo Lippi- The Distance Between Us (2:49)
07–Aztec Camera- Walk Out To Winter (2:22)
08–Depeche Mode- Dreaming Of Me (1:43)
09–Cactus World News- Worlds Apart (2:28)
10–The Church- The Unguarded Moment (1:50)
11–Modern English- The Border (2:27)
12–Echo And The Bunnymen- Over You (1:58)
13–Pierce Turner- Uncertain Smile (2:36)
14–Book Of Love- Book Of Love (1:34)
15–Cure, The- Friday I'm In Love (2:47)
16–The Cult- Love Removal Machine (2:56)
17–The Church- No Explanation (1:59)
18–Wire Train- Last Perfect Thing (1:33)
19–B-Movie- Nowhere Girl (2:10)
20–Marc Almond- Bitter Sweet (2:01)
21–The Cure- Fire In Cairo (1:53)
22–Siouxsie And The Banshees- Christine (1:56)
23–Toto Coelo- I Eat Cannibals (1:32)
24–Red Rockers- China (2:49)
25–Joy Division- Love Will Tear Us Apart (2:57)
26–March Violets- Deep (3:28)
27–Midnight Oil- Forgotten Years (2:31)
28–Modern English- Ink And Paper (2:26)
29–Xmal Deutschland- Incubus Succubus (1:42)
30–Altered Images- Happy Birthday (2:39)
31–China Crisis- King In A Catholic Style (Wake Up) (2:45)
32–The Colourfield- The Colourfield (2:05)
33–A Flock Of Seagulls- Telecommunication (1:37)
34–Xmal Deutschland- Matador (2:24)
35–The Call- Everywhere I Go (2:06)
36–Peter Schilling- Major Tom (Coming Home) (1:39)
37–Nena Just A Dream (2:51)
38–E.B.T.G.- When All's Well (1:42)
39–The The- Infected (1:37)
40–R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World (4:17)
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