Monday, April 7, 2014


01–Depeche Mode- Somebody 4:18
02–Red Flag- Rain 2:03
03–Information Society- Repetition 3:04
04–Tears For Fears Shout (12" Extended Version) 2:06
05–Human League- Human 2:35
06–Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again 3:25
07–Cetu Javu- Words Without Thoughts 2:20
08–Information Society- Tomorrow 2:31
09–Noel- Silent Morning 3:19
10–Information- What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) 2:09
11–Noel- Like A Child 2:53
12–Depeche Mode- Strangelove (Blind Mix)3:36
13–Cetu Javu- Situations (Extended Version) 3:02
14–B-Movie- A Letter From Afar 3:59
15–Information Society- Walking Away (Club Mix) 3:05
16–When In Rome- The Promise (Coliseum Mix)3:35
17–Red Flag- Russian Radio (Glasnost Club Mix)3:34
18–C.C.C.P.- American-Soviet (2:36)
19–Duran Duran- All She Wants Is 2:55
20–Martin Gore- Compulsion 2:42
21–When In Rome- Heaven Knows (Ultimix)1:59
22–Cause & Effect- You Think You Know Her 3:11
23–Camouflage- The Great Commandment (Ext. Version) 2:58
24–Kon Kan- I Beg Your Pardon (Ultimix Remix) 3:08
25–Anything Box- Living In Oblivion 2:48
26–Cetu Javu- Have In Mind 2:38
27–Red Flag- Broken Heart 2:34
28–Camouflage- Love Is A Shield 2:03
29–Depeche Mode- But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)3:29
30–Peter Schillin- Terra Titanic 2:58
31–Seona Dancing- More To Lose (12" Version) 2:12
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